Work from home – the future of our industry?

Working from home has existed for quite a while now, but due to COVID-19 it had a boost on the number of employers using this method, it is definitely not easy and not every type of work and employee benefits from this kind of work. Working from home requires a lot of self-motivation, concentration and motivation, cause to be honest at home we have a lot of distractions and many jobs can’t afford to have their employees monitored 24/7. Interesting enough more and more companies and work places are discovering the wonders of having people working from home, les expenses in offices and maintaining cleaning and many other stuff that the owner has to pay, but having people at their own home takes all this away from them, off course with every good thing comes the bad part where cleaning services are not needed and people lose their jobs.
Working from home is going to become a normal thing from now on, more and more companies are changing their policies and ways to get every position they can filled from home. For the employees it’s a great opportunity, imagine not having to spend time in traffic, or not being able to spend time with family, this solves all this and more but it’s up to each person to set their own rules, space away from distractions and focus it what you need to.
Not every job area and type of job can be turned into work from home, so there’s still chances for people that love to go to a different place to work and have that separation between home and work. And the younger audience would prefer this option and the future generations might experience this as the normal thing, thinking why would I need to go to an office. I believe Working from home is here to stay and we better get used to it, and take full advantage of this opportunities.

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