Hologram Advertising

With each year that passes by we get more and more close to the future we saw on movies while growing up, wow things that blew our mind as kids that are normal for us now. Self-driving cars, virtual reality, and more advancements that we thought impossible. But not only is tech evolving but also the way people see ads and how they consume them, radio used to be the best way, then evolved to tv and now we are at a point where the internet is the best way of seeing ads.


Thinking about the next step on physical ads, the large displays and banner just sometimes doesn’t do justice to the brand or the product, this is where the holographic tech would come in clutch, we haven’t seen much of this for the regular customer but we are at a point that everyone could have access to it with just a projector and the right tools, that will allow for a awesome and interactive add where you are able to see the product in its full extend not just a picture or video, an actual 3D view of it in front of you.


Holographic Ads might be the next great thing, we are used to watch movies about the future and see all these holograms with ads and we are always amazed on how good and interactive they are we could have that in reality we just need to start and get to work on changing the standard of ads. We need to keep moving forward to the future and look for new ways to grab the attention of people both young and adults.

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