One step at a time: becoming a corporate trainer.

This article intends to state how becoming a trainer for my corporation has developed me into a better professional so far and to mention some of my favorite bases and benefits of teaching and education. Additionally, I would like to address this topic in a virtual context as my job and professional experience has been mostly like that.

“Education happens when you put together someone who wants to teach and someone who wants to learn.” (Slideshare presentation by Hugo Guillermo Ramírez Rodríguez).¹ Of course, this is something that has to do with the context of relationships and also the environment. A corporate trainer is a teacher who works in a corporate environment to provide new employees with the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the tasks they will be given. Personally, I think passion for teaching is a very important requirement for a corporate trainer or any kind of teacher in general. Most of the important pieces of information or classes I remember from my college or even high school years are thanks to the teachers’ dedication and intent to pass their students the best education and most useful pieces of knowledge, not only for a certain profession or career, but also to conquer big achievements in their lives. 

Teaching content and skills to new employees has always been one of my objectives since I started my first corporate job. The warmth and welcoming approach of most corporate trainers is another factor that in my opinion, is key to their success in teaching. Learning happens through relationships, and the first relationship that a new employee will have with their new job will be through the trainer with induction and training procedures. It is important to make new employees feel welcome and interested in their new job position but also to prepare them for any kind of challenge or difficulty they might encounter as professionals. 

These experiences of teaching and sharing knowledge have also helped me develop communication skills, not only as a trainer, but also as an individual, and they absolutely motivate me to keep growing as a 3D generalist and video editor so that I can teach those who want to learn new things all the information they need.


¹ “The 5 big mistakes in virtual education”, slideshare presentation, Hugo Guillermo Ramírez Rodríguez, 2020:

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