Responsive HTML5 Banner Ads

As time progresses and new technologies and ideas are born, advertisements also evolve, currently and in the past years if you wanted a banner for HTML5 you were stuck on a size and you had to make one for each platform, with different dimensions and having a lot of files to upload and work. Working on individual files has the issue that if all of them have an issue then you need to go one by one checking and fixing so it’s a lot of hours and time spent that could have been used for other projects or for improving the one.

Responsive Banners came with the solution for this, instead of having a lot of files, you have one that adapts to the size of the screen, if it’s small then the banner moves around the elements to move to the best place. It’s not an automatic feature the one in charge of the banner places the elements in the specific order he wants on each size. This gives the opportunity to work on all the sizes needed in just one file, and it will adapt to the size of each viewer.

It offers the ability to:

  • Quickly scale to many formats and sizes
  • Possess ultimate control over design
  • Easily create ad variants and translations
  • Mass produce rich media banners
  • Exploit the growth of video and mobile display
  • Dynamically update banners with data feeds
  • Collaborate effectively across teams, in-house

In other words, Responsive banners came to save you as it allows a new world giving you full control of you add in every platform, in a single file. I think this will be the new standard for banners now that old browsers are dying and the new once are adapting to new technologies, will reduce cost of storage, instead of having tons of files for different files you have one, instead of making multiple banners, images for each one, just a group of images that can work on every size and you can have a banner that saves time and costs.

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