Release a website as smoothly as possible.

Every single web design or web development project is different, and we understand that, however, there are certain key elements that can transform any web project into success, and while we continue to discover new paths and add components to this recipe with every project, we’re pretty confident that at this point we can assure one thing to all our web clients, and that is smoothness.

Having participated in the design and development of dozens of websites, we’ve gone through most imaginable bumps on the road, and we’ve learned a lot from each one of them to develop processes that can help us avoid them at any point in the future.

Below you can find a list of some of these elements that we put in practice in every single project:


Establish clear requirements.

People in the industry commonly forget that 80-90% of a web project’s success depends on all the work that’s done before the development actually takes place.

It’s key to always write a very clear and detailed project requirement document before jumping into anything else, literally, that way once the project goes into the development phase, no detail will be missed, and we as the dev team, will guarantee that you or your client will be satisfied with the website you received from us.


Let the devs do their thing.

Sometimes we want to be on top of every single detail of the project, and want to have a status call every time a step has been taken in the development process, and we’ve figured that for most of the cases, that’s not the most efficient way.

We have a policy of letting the devs concentrate on development while the Project Managers can handle all communication from the clients and work as a channel between them and the production team.

Our project managers will work just as smoothly as if they were part of your in-house team, and they will always keep you up to date with everything that’s happening on the development side of things. This way we ensure that all development hours for the project are used in writing code and not in stand-up status meetings.


Don’t spare expenses in the UX/UI phase.

One of the most important parts for a successful website is well thought User Experience and User Interface design, while it’s common for people to try and cut corners in the UX phase, good UX guarantees user engagement in your website, and therefore guarantees your website will work for the intended purposes.

We have UX specialists in house with years of experience conducting user research, usability tests, benchmarking, information architecture, and the list goes on. They have just the experience needed for that eye-catching / user engaging website that you need, experience that developers don’t precisely have and is currently misunderstood.


Data based decision making.

With years since the world has completely turned into digital, there’s enough data online to make good decisions when it comes to planning, developing and managing a website, there’s no need to make decisions based on personal tastes nowadays.

It’s important to do the necessary research in order to make decisions in any of the stages of the project’s life cycle, whether it is a simple navigation from a UX perspective, all the way to complex development decisions like what frameworks to use for specific features in the website, we in WAM don’t “trust our heart”, for every single decision we need to make in any stage of a project, we do research, we do testing, and then, we make decisions.

The listed above are some of the main things we always keep in mind when doing any kind of work for a web development project, they are part of what helps us continue delivering successful websites, time after time.


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