Outsource HTML5 banner projects in a headache-free manner.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, at this point we completely understand that when you outsource the digital production of your company’s HTML5 banners, you’re trusting some of your big clients to a provider that, in most cases, is not even located in your same country.

So you may wonder: How is a company like WAM Digital able to assure me there’s nothing to worry about, and that my clients will receive the same, if not better, quality than what our in-house team delivers?

We definitely got you, there are a number of elements that come into play to answer that question:



We believe that the first step towards a project’s success is clear and assertive communication, therefore we make sure that all of our resources, from Project Managers to members of the Production Teams, speak perfect English, and have the necessary skills and tools to provide our clients with such communication.

In this department, we also ensure that our project management tools and trackers allow us to always have every single piece of information in place, and available for all project stakeholders at any given time.

For large-scale projects, you as a client will always have access to asset and deliverable trackers, along with different informative documents that will always keep you on top of every detail for the project, without having to worry about the time or resources it takes to generate said documents, as those are always being generated on WAM’s end.


The right people, the right skills, certified by the best.

Working in an ever-changing industry, we understand a new feature goes out every week, and technologies become obsolete at an extremely rapid pace, and we not only understand it, but we have implemented processes that prevent this pace from affecting our teams’ work.

We have a number of multi-disciplinary experts that understand Online Advertising is more than just standard HTML5 banners, and they have specialized each in their own. Does your project require complex rich media functionalities? We have specialists in place that are certified in just that, or on the other hand, you have a Dynamic Banner project with thousands of creative iterations, we also have certified specialists in the matter.

Every single member of our team gets re-certified each year in their area/s of expertise, that way we 100% guarantee they’re up to date with the technologies that are being used in their area, and by the way, all of our Online Advertising certifications have been issued by Google.


The experience.

We have been doing Online Advertising since Flash was around, and as the industry shifted towards HTML5 banners with JS and CSS based animations, so did we. That means we’ve been around to see every turn and shift the industry’s taken, we have trained ourselves and become certified in quite a few technologies that have come out along with that.

In our 20+ years of experience in this industry we’ve had the honor of working with the biggest brands in the internet, we know what it is like to deliver banners that must be pixel perfect in campaigns containing thousands of units for 100+ markets.

The list of brands we’ve done campaigns for contains names like Facebook (all of it’s brands) and Google in digital services, Walmart and Target in retail, Adidas and Nike in clothing, and it goes on, so companies looking for a partner in digital production might ask themselves, if these big name brands have been able to trust WAM, why wouldn’t we?


Quality Assurance, every single time.

It doesn’t matter if we’re delivering a complete campaign with multiple concepts and languages, or if we’re delivering a small text update in just one banner, everything we deliver our clients, goes through our rigorous QA team for an entire Quality Check to be performed, and yes, we have QA specialists in place, dedicated to review Online Advertising campaigns of every aspect, both creative and technical.

Just as an additional note, even our QA Specialists have been certified by Google, both in Creative skills and as HTML5 Quality Assurance.

Over the years of experience we’ve built, and after several revisions to our process, we’ve been able to determine that these 4 elements mentioned and explained above, are the key to success in every project, if all of these are properly taken care of, we assure your project will seamlessly go from point A to point B, with no headaches for you or your team.

That’s exactly what we assure our clients: clear and assertive communication, the right people with the right skills and the right experience, and quality assurance every single time.

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