Looking to Outsource? We give you 5 Best Practices to make the best out of it

Looking to Outsource? We give you 5 Best Practices to make the best out of it

The Digital Services and Technologies outsourcing industry is thriving!

Nearly a third of US based companies and agencies have outsourced their services in the past 3 to 4 years services, and almost 80% of them feel good and have had great experiences about their outsourcing arrangements..

Outsourcing is no more about the budget. The choice of outsourcing and out-staffing providers gives businesses an opportunity to launch a win-win professional partnership with effective and transparent management and top-qualified development team

1. Build relations between key managers

The usefulness of the relationship between the key management personnel of both teams depends on good understanding and strong working ties between them. Studies on outsourcing success stories have demonstrated that working chemistry in management and peer friendships among employees have proved to be important determinants in forming long-term relationships that yield real value.

2. Define clear project scope and schedule

Define your project requirements up front. Service providers require accurate, complete information to present you with realistic proposals and to quote you a good fixed price deal. Give vendors as much information as you can about what you need to be delivered and the way in which you need the work done.

Be clear and realistic about your schedule requirements – project schedules can have a huge impact on project costs.

3. Choose the industry and domain experts

Make sure your service provider has the specific experience your project requires. This is especially crucial when outsourcing complex software development projects. Price competitivity, multiple language, multiple skills, have a partner that does not limit you in any area and has previous outsourcing experience.

4. Don’t be ruled only by price

Experienced outsource buyers who evaluate hundreds of proposals almost always recommend discarding the highest-priced and lowest-priced bid. Buyers report that their most successful projects are the ones where they felt the vendor offered a balance of good value and quality results.

5. Take the portfolio seriously

Examine the vendor’s previous work and make sure that it meets your expectations for quality and style. If you’ve evaluated a vendor’s portfolio, references and previous experience and are still unsure of their capabilities, consider asking them to do a quick mock-up or provide a basic outline of a work plan.

A service provider who really wants to win your business might be able to give you a rough concept so you can better understand their approach to solving your problem. But never cross the line between asking for a mock-up and insisting that a vendor provides you with finished work “on spec.” No qualified professional expects to work for free.



To learn more about our offerings in terms of outsourcing and how we can be the best extension of your team, feel free to contact the WAM Digital team. We would love to help you strengthen the impact and success of your business.

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