Costa Rica: Just the right choice for digital nomads!

Costa Rica is a small country of 51,100 km² located in Central America, full of beaches, mountains, 290 volcanoes of which only 5 are active, it has 5% of the world’s biodiversity, including plants, animals, and forests, 12 microclimates, 900 different species of birds, more than 250 species of mammals.

Costa Rica has mostly been one of the most visited destinations in the world for tourism and business, giving the opportunity during the pandemic to strengthen its tools for co-working.

Since COVID, working online has become essential for today’s companies, giving employees the opportunity to work in different coworking spaces around the world. Generating benefits for the collaborator, such as improving the quality of life, reducing stress, the flexibility of schedules, generating motivation for the worker, is also a benefit for the organization in terms of savings in operating expenses.

Advantages for digital nomads in Costa Rica:

  • Short distances due to the geography of the country, saving time
  • Internet accessibility in most of the country
  • Safe, peaceful space, without the army or political, social violence
  • Stress reduction surrounded by nature
  • Work is combined with the diversity of tourism
  • Meet people around the world having a possible business opportunity

Currently,  Costa Rican government is discussing a law where digital nomads would obtain the following benefits:

  • Visa for one year, extendable
  • Income tax exemption
  • Free import of equipment necessary for the service
  • Recognition of driver’s license
  • Permission to open local bank accounts

To obtain these benefits, the following are required:

  • Have a minimum monthly salary of $ 3,000 or $ 4,000 for a family group
  • Have health insurance

The hotel industry in Costa Rica has assigned co-working spaces equipped with audiovisual equipment, soft drinks, adaptable armchairs, several electricity connections or rest areas, some with a view of the beach or the forest, trying to combine connectivity with nature, so that they can work and rest at the same time, generating greater productivity.

In conclusion, Costa Rica is definitely one of the most requested countries to carry out nomad work, based on the work of the government and other businesses to provide better tools for digital nomads.

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