The importance of subtitles in localization campaigns.

As global brands continue to extensively grow every day, they need to have an online presence that’s more user-focused on each and every market. This means their advertising needs to be localized so that the message is correctly spread in each country it’s intended to be displayed.

If your brand has presence in different countries, where different languages are spoken, and more importantly, people are part of different cultures, have different perspectives of life, and take part in contrasting social dynamics, you need to make sure that your advertising is taking all of this into consideration while being produced.

In WAM we know how important all of this is, and we have the tools combined with the experience to ensure that your digital campaigns reach their markets the way they are supposed to.

When we speak about video advertising, there is a big part of it that a lot of companies might not consider as important or complex which is subtitling, however, when your video ads need to be localized into markets that use different alphabets, and perhaps, read their texts in a different direction than most other languages, subtitles begin to not be as simple as they seem at first sight.

There’s a considerably big amount of factors that take a part into subtitles working the way they should, and displaying the texts correctly, so the final user gets the right message, making sure your subtitles are going to display correctly for all users takes a lot of work, both in the building of the subtitle files, and the quality control that needs to take place before they are delivered and ready to be live.

Over years of experience (and several thousands of subtitles built, tested and flighted) we have established a bulletproof process that combines automation and manual work by extremely experienced specialists in the matter. We have developed our own tool, the subtitle validator as we call it, that automates a big part of the quality assurance process, and makes sure that once subtitle files have reached our manual QA specialists, there are no issues with the structure, syntax, and general built of the file, in other words, files are guaranteed to have no issues running on any player at that point, then our QA specialists makes sure all the fine details are on point.

Subtitling is just one of the bits and pieces of the entire localization world, while just as important as any of the other ones, people often don’t give it much importance. We understand how important it is for your digital campaigns to have perfect subtitles, and that is what we deliver.

If your company has any localization needs, whether it is subtitling, video translation, static banner campaigns, HTML5 banner campaigns, we’re specialists in the matter, and we have the technological solutions and certified experts to take good care of your projects, get in contact with us, and we will provide you with the right solution for your digital needs.


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